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With leading edge technology and strategic consulting service we provide protection to meet your specific needs. TSGI should be your choice in America's toughest proving ground. We are known for delivering the highest level of services to all the areas we guard.

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We protect your premises as though they were our own. Tight Security Group, Inc. guards protect and represent your facility. We select the personnel best suited for your property and we provide site specific training before assignment. We also provide replacement cross-training so we can quickly draw from a ready pool of knowledgeable, qualified security agents to meet your fill-in replacement and increase the man power need at a moment’s notice.

By working in close liaison with local law enforcement of the Borough, and with around-the clock expert management response for timely and active problem resolution, TSGI offers a demonstrated ability to provide superior solution for even your toughest security challenges.

To help limit your exposure to litigation, we work closely with you to create comprehensive post orders (written security guidelines specific to your facility) and provide each agent with additional training in professional conduct, customer service and resident relations.

Provided Services includes but are not limited to:

  • Construction Sites
  • Banking and Financial Institutions
  • Parking Facilities
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Hotels & Motels
  • High Rise & Office Buildings
  • Apartment/Private Communities
  • Manufactures & Warehouses
  • Movie Production/Entertainment
  • Private parties/Special Events
  • Retail shopping Centers
  • Colleges
  • Sporting Events
  • Fagger & Crossing Guard


Tight Security Group Inc. firmly believes that tight supervision is one of the major keys in determining the success of a security firm.

Our supervisors roam the field from client to client to insure the service you demand. Random inspections keep our officers on their toes because they never know when a supervisor will be coming. Our supervisors are proud of our company.

Security services are only as good as the supervision and the infrastructure that supports it.

TSGI places an emphasis on providing an experience chain of command with the kind of oversight that our Clients appreciates. We conduct weekly client reviews to make sure that problems are solved fast and that potential problems never develop into crisis situations.

The entire management staff is called in to discuss in detail issues and problems at each post. We work to keep up to date and ahead of the problem.


Tight Security Group Inc. views its Clients as partners in their own security projects. As such we recognize the importance of engaging Client input. Our success depend on meeting a specific concern or early identification of a potential problem. That is why we have policies in place that provide immediate access to officer training records and background checks. We provide for immediate replacement of officers deemed unsatisfactory by our clients.

  • TSGI operates from written post orders.
  • Written orders are critical when you want accountability.
  • Written post orders insure consistency from shift to shift and day to day regardless of staffing.
  • We help protect people and properties while reducing liability

TSGI appoints a project manager to each of its security contract. A project manager supervise one or two Security contracts depending on the size of the contract. Each of our manager is graded quarterly by the Director of security for the progress and the success of the site.


  • Director of operations
  • Director of security
  • Project managers
  • Field Supervisors
  • Shift supervisors
  • Security guards